Sunday Brunch
Harriet & Pine

Sunday Brunch

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Everything you need for a perfect and relaxing morning brunch! It's the perfect way to treat Mom on Mother's Day, or say thanks to a weekend host.

What's Inside?

The Pancake: I wake up to a plate of fluffy, piping hot cakes.... that just so happened to be gluten-free!

Charred oak and maple syrup: Perfectly crafted to add a toasty oaky coffee flavor. Drizzle over pancakes, ice cream or even add it to an old fashion cocktail.

Stumptown Coffee: A 12 oz bag of Portland’s finest.

Kelly’s Strawberry Preserves: The delicious taste of fresh strawberries a perfect topping for pancakes or toast.

Coffee Scoop: A beautiful gold inished coffee scoop that also serves as a clip to close your coffee bag.


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